Hey, I’m Polyphia – or Vile, and I’ve played WoW since the end of Classic, right before TBC came out. In addition to playing through TBC as a casual player, I got really interested in the game’s engineering – and a couple years later, was running a private server with an average of 90,000 players per week logging in. As a full stack developer outside of the game I found myself pushing to being the world first to release several content patches based on the patches hitting retail.

In-game, I’m pretty competitive. I enjoy playing Demon Hunter, Evoker, Mage and Paladin alot – and you’ll find me on Revo, Polyphia, Poly or Vileygos more than anything. I enjoy doing high stress, high difficulty content and finding a way to get through it! If I’m not running keys or leading a raid, I’m likely found doing transmog runs in old content or achievement runs – give me a shout if you want to come along!

Raid TeamSenior Officer